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Issue 347 – Bias Table Mat

CEY has a beautiful selection of garments to knit for summer. But if you're an accessory knitter, you already know there are fewer pattern choices for small warm-weather knits. We like a challenge, so this summer the ladies of CEY are designing accessories for our homes.

Cheryl, CEY's most prolific knitter, responded to our home decor challenge with this Bella Lino/Firefly Bias Table Mat. Here's what she had to say about it:

Firefly has been my favorite summer yarn for some time now, but this year when CEY introduced Bella Lino, I found a new love. I thought the two yarns would be lovely together and the color combinations are almost endless. Of course being the pink lover that I am, I chose the Coral (7788) and Sunshine (8585) for my design. The call for designs was home décor, but I could see this pattern as a lovely shawl too.

The bias construction would easily scale up to a shawl or table runner size (or down for a smaller size). The hardest part of this pattern? Picking just two colors. Happy knitting!

Meg Myers

(file size: 748 KB; published June 17, 2014)

The Yarn

Bella Lino
58% Linen, 26% Viscose, 16% Cotton

75% Viscose, 25% Linen

Bella Lino and Firefly are obvious partners: each is an airy fiber blend that creates lightweight fabric with beautiful drape. Bella Lino comes in a palette of summery multi-hued colors that each have a linen-hued base. The solid, light-catching shades of Firefly are a natural complement. Click the images above to learn more about each yarn.

More designs for your home.

My favorite thing about home decor projects is the daily satisfaction they give. A favorite sweater may only get worn once or twice a week. But the felted bowls on my desk? I see them daily. And each time they give me a little dose of I made it joy.

Here are a few free patterns from past Web-Letters to help you decorate your home for daily enjoyment.

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Click the images to read about the designs and download the free patterns.

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