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Issue 351 – Footstool Cube Cover

One of my favorite summer pastimes is sitting on my screened-in porch with a cup of coffee and my knitting. I have a footstool for the chair that I sit on and it needed some colorful style. So, I designed this orange cover to go over it. It is very simple to knit and really brought in a great pop of texture and color to my porch décor.

Summer On!

Tonia Barry   

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(file size: 693 KB; published July 15, 2014)

The Yarn


100% organic cotton

Sprout is a soft, cushy organic yarn with a slightly nubby texture. One of its best features is that it stays lofty, unlike many worsted-plus weight cotton yarns that tend to be heavy and dense once knit. Sprout is available in a bright-and-lively palette and it’s machine washable. Add to this the wonderful soft texture, strength, and the light yet quick-to-knit gauge and it is easy to see why Sprout makes a great choice.

If you're looking for the same great yarn in a lighter weight, then check out Seedling.

More designs from Tonia

We all wear many hats at CEY. One of Tonia's happens to be designer. Her office supplies include bowls of yarn, vases of needles and carefully knit swatches pinned up alongside her sketches. It isn't all yarn and knitting though – there is an incredible amount of math and construction problem-solving that goes into each piece. That is where Tonia shines: each of her designs has a twist that makes it unique. Tonia's newest design, Kimball (top left), for example, is a crescent/triangle hybrid shawl that begins as a garter stitch triangle then is shaped with short rows.

Marna in Seedling Kai in Firefly Marisol in Cerro Hiawatha in Firefly James in Liberty Wool Beauteous in Villa Dancette in Vail and Villa Kimball in Mohawk Wool

Click the photos below to learn more about the designs and the books that feature them. To see more of Tonia's designs, including past Web-Letters that she has designed, visit her designer page on Ravelry.

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