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Issue 352 – Modular Throw from Home Sweet Home

As our home decor theme for this summer’s Web-Letters developed, we were constantly reminded of Home Sweet Home, our original home decor collection. So, this oldie is now available online as a PDF eBook to purchase and download instantly. To celebrate, the Sprout Modular Throw that is pictured on the cover is today's free pattern.

This Modular Throw, another great project from Susan, is made of a patchwork of diagonally knit, textured squares. They are knit separately then sewn together to complete the throw, which makes this a perfect on-the-go project because you'll never have more than 40 stitches on your needle at a time.

Meg Myers   

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The Yarn


100% organic cotton

Sprout is a soft, cushy organic yarn with a slightly nubby texture. One of its best features is that it stays lofty, unlike many worsted-plus weight cotton yarns that tend to be heavy and dense once knit. Sprout is available in a bright-and-lively palette and it’s machine washable. Add to this the wonderful soft texture, strength, and the light yet quick-to-knit gauge and it is easy to see why Sprout makes a great choice.

If you're looking for the same great yarn in a lighter weight, then check out Seedling.

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home debuted in 2011 with fifteen designs for the home. It was, and still is, a beautiful book of patterns ranging from pillows and blankets to curtains and even a lampshade. That is why we're excited to now offer it as a PDF eBook on Ravelry.

The Home Sweet Home book is still available at local yarn shops and now you can also purchase the eBook online so you'll have a library of small home decor projects ready anytime you need a quick project.

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