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Issue 353 – Seedling Coasters

Coasters are like stitch markers: you know you have a ton of them, yet you can never find one when you need it. So I thought "why not knit a bunch? That way I will always have a coaster when needed." Knit from two colors of Seedling, these coasters are practical and pretty. And because there are so many wonderful colors of Seedling, you will be able to match any décor!


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The Yarn


100% organic cotton

Seedling is a machine washable organic cotton in both solid and handpainted colors. This yarn has the same wonderful texture and softness as Sprout but in a lighter weight. Seedling's organic fiber is more robust and less stressed by chemicals than non-organic cotton, which increases its absorbency and color intensity.

More designs in Seedling

Tiny projects like these coasters are a great way to sample yarn and when you’re done, you have a functional accessory. When that little sample is knit with a beautiful yarn like Seedling, chances are good that you’ll want to cast on a bigger project to get a little more one-on-one time with the yarn. We have plenty of designs in Seedling to keep your needles busy.

Lindsay Dress and Tank Top from A Day at the Beach 1405 Marna from Oceanside 1401 Sandy Point from 9221 Plum Island Great Bay from 9221 Plum Island Emerson Rocks from 9221 Plum Island Beacon from Lighthouse 9177 Starboard from Harbor 9168

The designs above are from several of our collections, which you can purchase at your LYS or online. Click the photos above to learn more and purchase the PDF patterns.

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