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Issue 357 – Josephina

I love poking through Ravelry to dream about my next project. While I love designing, sometimes it just feels so decadent to knit someone else's design and be in their mind for a while. Such was the case when I came upon Amanda Rios' Skipping Dots. I knew that would be perfect in Alpaca Sox, so into the queue it went. I then looked at her other amazing designs and decide to contact Amanda and invite her to design something for our Web-Letter. This week we share with you the beautiful wrap that Amanda designed in Magnolia.

Tonia Barry

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Correction for patterns downloaded before 8/28/14, Eyelet Section:
Rows 13-16: Rep rows 11 and 12 twice.

The Yarn

70% Merino, 30% Silk

An exquisite blend of merino and silk, Magnolia has a subtle sheen and great stitch definition. The semi-solid colors give Magnolia the illusion of light reflecting off the surface of the fabric. Magnolia's elegance is perfect for dressy, special occasions or for everyday luxury.

Join the Wadena KAL and win!

Wraps have an allure that few, if any, other projects can match. They can be worn a myriad of ways and they are frequently one size fits all. That's why we've chosen Wadena for our upcoming knit-a-long (complete with prizes!). This wrap, available September 1st in our upcoming Classic Fall collection, begins with the sawtooth edge border and is then shaped with simple short rows in the body section.

We're keeping our KAL simple: knit Wadena in any of our current outstanding yarns, add the project and a few photos to Ravelry and we'll pick three winners at random. Visit the CEY blog for the full details and to read about the prizes.

We ladies at CEY have already picked our yarns and color combinations; we can't wait to knit-a-long with you this September!

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