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Issue 360 – Purl Dot Hat

One of my favorite things about knitting? Its portability. The knitting moments I find while on the bus, having a coffee with friends, or watching TV add up quickly. Without setting aside specific knitting time, I still manage to finish a hat or two almost every week.

Today's Purl Dot Hat is a product of those stolen knitting moments. I needed a new project so I grabbed a few balls of Color By Kristin and cast on, wondering what would happen if I purled every few stitches with a contrasting color. It only took a few rounds for the pattern to emerge and I loved it!

I hope you enjoy this pattern during your knitting moments. Try it in different colors with a higher contrast or omit the contrast color entirely for a monotone hat with the same purl dot texture.


Meg Myers      

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(file size: 693 KB; published September 16, 2014)

The Yarn

Color By Kristin
50% wool, 25% alpaca, 25% mohair

From the studio of Kristin Nicholas comes Color by Kristin—a soft and smooth three-ply blend of wool, alpaca, and mohair in wide palette of colors inspired by nature and the world around us. This yarn is perfect for cables, colorwork or simple stockinette stitch. It felts beautifully too!

Add texture to you knitting!

Adding texture to your knitting can be as simple or as complex as you like. To keep it simple, stick to knit/purl combinations with small repeats like today's Purl Dot Hat and the pieces below, each from our new Classic Fall collection.

Ribbing is one of the most basic textures—a rhythmic combination of knit and purl columns. Windon and Fosston (top row) each have a 2 x 2 rib texture like today's design.

Offsetting the knits and purls by just a stitch or two changes the texture completely, as shown with Glyndon and Luverne. Both designs incorporate Double Moss Stitch to add interest to the fabric's texture.

Visit our Classic Fall page to learn more about these designs. Ready to cast on? You can purchase the new collection at your LYS and online.

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