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Issue 361 – Avalanche Drop Stitch Scarf

When I taught myself to knit, the first pattern I fell in love with was drop stitch on a garter background. Simple and reversible garter stitch was my safety net—easy and forgiving of uneven tension. The drop stitch rows broke up the monotony of garter stitch. With my plastic #10 needles, I became a drop stitch scarf factory and doled them out to my high school friends.

Brand new Avalanche reminds me of those drop stitch days. The lightweight yarn pairs with larger needles perfectly and the gradual color shifts add interest to garter stitch. Unlike the bulky, short-yardage balls I once used, Avalanche has a quick-knitting gauge and an unbelievable 200 yards on each 50 gram hank.

I hope you enjoy this simple pattern as much as I have!

Meg Myers

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(file size: 453 KB; published September 23, 2014)

The Yarn

42% Alpaca, 42% Wool, 16% Nylon

Avalanche is an extremely light and lofty yarn with a generous 200 yards on each hank. The yarn has a quick-knitting gauge and works up quickly. The soft, heathery colors have long and gradual shifts in their blended hues.

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Multi-hued yarns can be tricky when it comes to choosing a pattern because the various colors can quickly obscure stitch detail. That isn't the case with Avalanche. The long, gradual color shifts in each hank are just enough to add depth to your stitches without overwhelming your knitting. Texture and cables are still easy to "read" in this yarn as you can see from these projects in our Classic Fall collection.

From sweaters to hats and scarves, Classic Fall features Avalanche in a variety of projects. Visit our Classic Fall page to learn more about these designs. Ready to cast on? You can purchase the new collection at your LYS and online.

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