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Issue 385 – Feather & Fan Magic Ball Scarf

You know all those odd bits of leftover yarn that pile up? If you’re like me, you hate to throw any amount of yarn away and hang onto every last piece – just in case you need it. Winding a magic ball is the perfect use for your stray balls and odd bits. Read our latest blog post and learn all about it.

This scarf pattern, with its gentle scallops, works well for magic ball knitting or with self-striping yarns – like Liberty Wool Print or Santorini – that have fewer ends to weave.


Susan Mills

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(file size: 352 KB; published March 10, 2015)

Make your own magic ball!

Magic ball winding and knitting is addicting – you won’t want to stop at just one project! Our magic ball blog post will teach you how and includes a recipe for a simple diagonal garter stitch scarf.

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