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    Monthly Pattern Collections


Butterfly 1802B
Gigi 1802A
Juna 1801


White Birch 1711
Fun and femine, easy to wear designs with surprise details.
Quest 1710A
Designs in Quest – a chainette yarn with slow striping color changes.
Autumn Ridge 1710B
Beautiful designs for fall knit in yarns from our MountainTop Collection of undyed fibers.
Mystique 1709A
Mystique 1709A
Designs in Mistique – a single ply bulky yarn with softness suitable for wearing next to your skin.
Sweaters for All 1709B
Sweaters for All 1709B
Designs in Adelaide, Big Liberty Wool, Liberty Wool, Liberty Wool Light and Song
Legend 1708A
Six designs in Legend – a classic heavy worsted weight yarn in luxurious fibers. Legend's subtle sheen from the silk makes it glow.
Cables with a Twist1708B
Beautiful cabled designs in your favorite fall yarns.
Escape 1707
Escape combines fine merino, mulberry silk and yak in a single ply of pure luxury. The sophisticated shades of this dk weight have a slight heathered look from the darker undyed yak fibers.
Rising Tide 1704
Beautiful new designs in your favorite warm weather yarns: Bella Lino, Calista, Canyon, Cerro, Classic Silk, Fortuna and Seedling.
Sail Away 1703
Eight new designs and varations for spring in your favorite CEY yarns: Canyon, Cerro, Firefly, Fortuna, Provence, Sandpiper, Sprout, Soft Linen and Song.
Mika 1702B
Pure organic cotton in gorgeous summery colors, Mika is the perfect weight for warm weather garments and accessories. Though Mika is subtly textured, it has excellent stitch definition.
Hanako 1702A
Designs in cotton and linen combine for a summery yarn in a popular worsted weight. Hanako gets even softer the more it's worn and the light and vibrant palette is perfect for warm weather wear.
Yuri 1701
Eight designs in Yuri - a year round, fingering weight yarn. Yuri is made from incredibly soft merino and has a tone-on-tone dye effect that adds a subtle depth to the floral inspired colors.



Century and Winter
1611 Century and Winter
Eleven designs in quick knitting yarns featuring our newest bulky yarn Century. Featuring Big Liberty Wool, Blackthorn, Camelot, Century, Chateau and La Gran.

1610 Fall 2016
Brights and neutrals, sweaters and accessories; a bounty of variety; Featuring Adelaide, Alpaca Sox, Big Liberty Wool, Chateau, Fresco, Inca Alpaca, Liberty Wool Light, MountainTop Wildwood, Silky Alpaca Lace and Song.

Wildwood and MountainTop
1609 Wildwood and MountainTop
Eleven elegant designs in our MountainTop collection; Crestone, Vail, Blackthorn, Mohawk Wool, Vista and our latest addition, Wildwood.

1608 Arietta
Eight designs in Arietta, our latest fall yarn. Yak and merino blend for squishable luxury in worsted weight Arietta. Outstanding stitch definition and a color range of soft mid-tones make Arietta a cable knitter's dream.

1607 Adelaide
Eleven designs in pure merino Adelaide, from easy to knit to complex cables.

Early Fall
1606 Early Fall
Get ready for fall with these stunning designs in our favorite fall yarns. Whether cables, eyelets or lace stitches, there is something here for every knitter.

A Time To Crochet
1605 A Time to Crochet
Crochet designs by seven talented designers include MountainTop Crestone, MountainTop Mohawk Wool, Alpaca Sox, Telluride, Camelot, Cerro, and Fresco.

Highland Summer
1604 Highland Summer
Get ready for summer with these warm weather designs in Sandpiper, Seedling, Firefly, Silky Alpaca Lace, Vail, Classic Silk, and Song.

1603 Fortuna
Get ready for spring with these warm weather designs in new Fortuna, 58% Linen, 26% Viscose, 16% Cotton.

1602 Calista
Get ready for spring with these warm weather designs in new Calista, 100% mercerized cotton yarn.

Wooded Glen
1601 Wooded Glen
Get ready for spring with designs in warm weather yarns.







1512 Strips & Stripes
Striped and colorblocked sweaters and accessories.

1511 Warm Woolies
Cozy and warm knitting, introducing Camelot.

1510 Twists and Turns
Classic and unique cabled projects.

1509 Inspired by Patchwork
Accessories and garments in autumnal heus.

1508 Emerald Isle
Fall sweaters with texture stitches.

1507 Sing
Versatile cardigans for every occasion.

1506 Forecast
Trans-seasonal knits for year-round wear.

1505 Wrap It Up
Scarves and wraps for year-round wear.

1504 The New Generation
Modern classics for babies and toddlers.

1503 Along The Shore
Thirteen designs for warm weather.

1502 Birdsong
Twelve designs for spring.

1501 Seaside Village
Designs that span the seasons, made in trans-seasonal blend yarns.

1514 From Folly Cove
a collection by Julia Farwell-Clay

1513 Artistic Differences
a collection by Talitha Kuomi



1412 Winter Lace
Garments and accessories for cool weather that are decorated with lace

1411 North River
Cold-weather designs in alpaca yarns.

1410 Unwind
Sweaters and accessories for all ages and sizes.

1409 Classic Fall
Designs for fall with a modern twist.

1408 Autumn Leaf
Leaf motifs decorate fall sweaters, wraps and hats.      

1407 Every Day Knits
Sweaters and accessories that you'll want to wear every day.

1406 All Seasons
Designs in lightweight and trans-seasons blends to wear all seasons.

1405 A Day at the Beach
Activity-friendly pieces knit in machine washable yarns.

1404 Silhouettes
Easy-to-wear designs with unusual silhouettes and shaping details.

1403 Homestead
A focus on classic shapes and styles updated for today's contemporary looks

1402 Sunny Day
Feminine and flirty projects with delicate details, from lace to ruffles

1401 Oceanside
Bright, summery garments and wraps and ethereal knits in our favorite lightweight yarns

1417 The Best of Liberty Wool
Celebrate Liberty Wool with 20 of our favorite Liberty Wool Print designs.


1312 Cathedral
Explore stranded knitting with allover Fair Isle and Icelandic colowork.

1311 Portraits
Easy-to-knit and easy-to-wear sweaters along with pretty little accessories.

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Shawls, Wraps and Scarves
Shawls, Wraps and Scarves
20 ideas • 3 ways


    Fall 2013

9227 Ava
designs in Ava


9228 Horizon
designs in Horizon

9229 Spectrum
designs in Liberty Wool Light

9230 Wynter
designs in Wynter


9231 Leader of the Pack
designs for Men

9232 Harvest Woods
designs in Blackthorn

9233 Top of the Mountain
designs in Crestone & Vista


9234 Soft & Cozy
designs in Chalet

9235 Avant Garde
designs in Vail

9236 New Mode
designs in Alpaca Sox


9237 Falling Leaf
designs in Chesapeake

9238 Color By Kristin Book Four
designs in Color By Kristin


9239 Color By Kristin Book Five
designs in Color By Kristin


9240 Around Town
designs in Fresco

9241 Alpine Forest
accessory designs in Fresco

9242 Hillside
designs in Giselle


9243 Frosty
designs in Inca Alpaca

9244 Winter Wind
designs in Kumara

9245 Belle
designs in Liberty Wool


9246 Accents 3
accessory designs in Liberty Wool

9247 Fresh Favorites
designs in Magnolia

9248 Nobility
designs in Majestic Tweed

9249 Strata
designs in Pirouette

9250 Beloved
designs in Silky Alpaca Lace


9251 Barnyard
designs in Toboggan


9252 Northern Lights
designs in Woodland

9253 Favorite Hats
a collection of hat designs

9254 Favorite Wraps & Scarves
a collection of scarf and wrap designs

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    Spring 2013

9211 Canyon
designs in MountainTop Canyon

9212 Mesa
designs in Mesa


9215 Atlantis
designs in Classic Silk


9216 COLOR BY KRISTIN Book Three
designs in Color By Kristin


9217 Bird's Nest
designs in Cricket


9218 Domino
designs in Firefly


9219 Maple Hill Farm
designs in Provence

9220 West Garden
designs in Sanibel


9221 Plum Island
designs in Seedling


9213 Surf's Up
crochet designs


9214 Year Round
designs in wool/cotton blends



9225 Handmade Los Angeles I
designs for the urban knitter


9226 Handmade Los Angeles II
more designs for urban knitters


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    Fall 2012

9182 Blackthorn
designs in Blackthorn

9183 Chalet
designs in Chalet


9184 Liberty Wool Light
designs in Liberty Wool Light


9185 Majestic Tweed
designs in Majestic Tweed


9209 COLOR BY KRISTIN - Book One
colorful designs in Color by Kristin


9210 COLOR BY KRISTIN - Book Two
colorful designs in Color by Kristin


9186 Cascading Waters
designs in Alpaca Sox

9187 Bon Hiver
designs in Ariosa


9188 Nature Trail
designs in Avenue


9190 Wanderlust
designs in Chesapeake


9191 Hill House
designs in Fresco


9192 Cosmic
designs in Giselle


9193 Inca Alpaca
designs in Inca Alpaca


9194 Serendipity
designs in Kumara


9195 Modern Color
designs in La Gran


9197 Liberty Wool Kids
designs for kids in Liberty Wool


9196 Top Notch
designs in Liberty Wool


9208 Liberty Wool Baby
designs for babies in Liberty Wool


9198 Accents 2
accessory designs in Liberty Wool


9199 Stonegate
designs in Magnolia


9200 Winter Solstice
designs in Montera


9201 Bliss
designs in Pirouette


9202 Canterbury
designs in Portland Tweed


9203 Chill Chasers
designs in Toboggan


9204 Ebony & Ivory
designs in Vail


9205 The Road Not Taken
designs in Crestone & Vista


9206 Timber
designs in Woodland



9207 Checkmate
designs in Wool Bam Boo



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    Spring 2012

9167 Sanibel
designs in Sanibel

9168 Harbor
designs in Seedling Handpaint


9169 Abbey
designs in Allegoro


9170 Riverside
designs in Classic Silk


9171 Beach Day
designs in Cotton Bam Boo


9172 Sunshine
designs in Cotton Bam Boo Print


9173 Woodstock
designs in Cricket

9174 Peabody Path
designs in Firefly


9175 Double Scoop
designs in Katydid


9176 Gatehouse
designs in Provence


9177 Lighthouse
designs in Seedling


9178 Summer Breeze
designs in Silky Alpaca Lace


9179 Locomotive
designs in Soft Linen


9180 A Walk in the Park
designs in Solstice

9181 Surf
designs in Sprout


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    Fall 2011
Knitting Patterns in Classic Elite Avenue
9145 Avenue
designs in Avenue
Knitting Patterns in Classic Elite Pirouette
9146 Pirouette
designs in Pirouette

Knitting Patterns in Classic Elite Toboggan
9147 Toboggan
designs in Toboggan

Knitting Patterns in Classic Elite MountainTop Vista and Crestone
9148 Crestone & Vista
designs in Crestone and Vista

Shawls, Scarves and Wraps in Five Classic Elite Yarns
9149 Panache
shawls, scarves and wraps

Knitting Patterns in Classic Elite Ariosa
9150 Great Brook
designs in Ariosa

Knitting Patterns in Classic Elite Chesapeake
9151 Harvest
designs in Chesapeake
Knitting Patterns in Classic Elite Fresco
9152 Snow Angels
designs in Fresco

Knitting Patterns in Classic Elite Giselle
9153 December
designs in Giselle

Knitting Patterns in Classic Elite Inca Alpaca
9154 Atelier
designs in Inca Alpaca

Knitting Patterns in Classic Elite Kumara
9155 Studio
designs in Kumara


9156 Carriage House
designs in La Gran

Knitting Patterns in Classic Elite Magnolia
9159 Artwork
designs in Magnolia

Knitting and Crochet Patterns in Classic Elite Montera
9160 Bounty
designs in Montera

Knitting and Crochet Patterns in Classic Elite Portland Tweed
9161 October
designs in Portland Tweed

Knitting and Crochet Patterns in Classic Elite Princess
9162 Design School
designs in Princess

Knitting and Crochet Patterns in Classic Elite Woodland
9163 Cropland
designs in Woodland

Knitting and Crochet Patterns in Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo
9164 Vignette
designs in Wool Bam Boo


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    Spring 2011

9132 Cricket
designs in Cricket

9133 Seedling
designs in Seedling


9134 Shoreline
designs in Allegoro


9135 Hot House
designs in Classic Silk


9136 Meadow
designs in Firefly


9137 Summer Flowers
designs in Katydid


9138 Garden Gate
designs in Provence

9139 Perennials
designs in Soft Linen


9140 Rocky Coast
designs in Solstice


9141 Seaside
designs in Sprout


9142 High Seas
accessory designs

9143 Home Sweet Home
designs for the home


9144 Wee Ones
designs for babies


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    Fall 2010

9114 Liberty Wool
designs in Liberty Wool

9115 Magnolia
designs in Magnolia


9116 Woodland
designs in Woodland


9117 Alley
designs in Ariosa


9118 First Light
designs in Chesapeake


9119 Melody
designs in Fresco


9120 Heavenly
designs in Giselle

9121 Wharf
designs in Inca Alpaca


9122 Bistro
designs in Kumara


9123 Depot
designs in La Gran


9124 Cottage
designs in Lush


9125 Cabin
designs in Montera


9126 Waterway
designs in Moorland


9127 Prairie
designs in Portland Tweed


9128 Royalty
designs in Princess


9129 Concerto
designs in Waterlily


9130 Sanctuary
designs in Wool Bam Boo


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